Qualified specialists

Working in the Region of Leipzig means being actively involved in and benefiting from the powerful development of this location.

The success of companies settling in the Region of Leipzig is especially due to the offer of highly qualified and appropriately motivated professionals. It is lucrative for companies who have ambitions of becoming established in this region to have a justified prospect of quickly achieving productivity rates with modern financial resources which more than keep up in comparison with well-known competitive regions.

Invest Region Leipzig recruits the best – and it offers the best an outstanding residential and living environment. Word is getting around more and more in the important target market of young people who have completed an academic education or who already have their first professional experience that Leipzig is an attractive living and working location, a growing city with diverse employment prospects and extraordinary quality of life. The number of employees who are subject to social insurance contributions in the job location of Leipzig has continuously increased by approximately 61,400 people since 2005 to currently 253,455 (2015).

Excellent conditions for top executives of all qualification levels have been put in place with modern, capital-intensive facilities by the production and service operations as well as the training and further education institutes that are located here. In turn, this attracts even more professionals and specialists with good qualifications to the region.

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