Can a foreigner open a business in Germany?

Foreign entrepreneurs are always welcome to start businesses in Germany. If you are interested in choosing Germany for your business’s location, there are some points to keep in mind.

When deciding how to start a business in Germany as a foreigner, it’s best to understand German culture. So, we recommend that you learn the German language, familiarise yourself with German literature and music, spend some time immersed in the neighbourhood that will serve as your company’s home, and – if possible – set aside time to travel and explore the country.

Why start a business in Germany?

1. A strong, dynamic economy

Germany as Europe’s biggest market offers significant spending power, a productive work attitude, a location at the core of a dense transportation network in the heart of Europe, and a highly qualified workforce. Science and research with a practical orientation and well-trained qualified professionals have generated an excellent environment for innovation

2. A stable home for your ideas

As a business owner in Germany, you can expect a stable political and economic climate in which to develop your ideas, which are legally protected.

Inventions, corporate logos, and concepts are all protected intellectual property in Germany. Excellent ideas are also protected by economic policies: For example, competition law prohibits your competitors from making false statements about your products in order to gain customers for themselves.

3. You will receive professional support and funding

Your business idea will act as the foundation for your own company once you’ve come up with one. There are various information centres that provide thorough guidance on how to start a business, the best technique, and how to get business funding .

Every German state has professional information centres for entrepreneurs and businesses, where they can get free help. For example, Invest Region Leipzig has been formed by the City of Leipzig, the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the administrative district of Leipzig to help new and established businesses relocate or set up in the region.

4. Become part of a diverse society

If you choose Germany as the location for your business, you will be picking a country with a high standard of living. Furthermore, Germany’s culture, diversity of people, and family friendliness make the country extremely appealing.

Germany is home to close to 12 million citizens from different nations. Because of the coexistence of diverse cultures and religions, a vibrant international arts and cultural scene has emerged. In Germany, a good standard of living and a stable democracy both contribute to peaceful cohabitation.

How can Invest Region Leipzig help?

The Leipzig region – situated in central Germany – is one of the best places to relocate or start your business. At Invest Region Leipzig, we help you with anything you need as part of your overseas relocation and settlement journey.

All our services are completely free of charge.

We guide you through the expansion and settlement process in the Leipzig Region. After you have made the decision to relocate to the Leipzig Region, our employees will be personally available to you. We can help you with everything you need to get started in the Leipzig Region thanks to our extensive ties with lawmakers, administrators, and key service providers. We’ll contact professional service providers and put you in touch with the right industrial groups and clusters in the area.

We can:

  1. Research topics relevant for you to relocate and settle in the Leipzig Region
  2. Support the search for your ideal premises together with the regional offices for economic development and local real estate agents
  3. Provide information on grants offered by the Free State of Saxony and referrals to funding agencies
  4. Offer support for you and your employees’ personal lives, e.g. putting you in touch with schools and real estate agents
  5. Present networking opportunities with industry associations and clusters in the region
  6. Make introductions to banks, tax advisors and lawyers
  7. Assist in the recruitment of suitable specialists, e.g. through regional employment agencies and local universities.

Are you a foreigner looking to relocate your business to Leipzig?

Find out more about Leipzig and discover Invest Regional Leipzig’s business relocation services here.

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Dr. Marco Peisker, Site manager, adesso SE

"The city has seen fantastic development over the last few years. We wanted to be closer to our regional partners and customers. It's easier to forge closer relationships with companies when you're there"

Shwet Sabharwal, Branch Manager Leipzig Tech Mahindra

"I strongly recommend the soft-landing approach from Invest Region Leipzig because of it’s numerous advantages for every company planning to set up business in the Leipzig region."

Tobias Drechsel, CEO Thinkport GmbH

"We are glad to have taken this step and gone to Leipzig to be able to further develop Thinkport ... Invest Region Leipzig made it extremely easy for us to get started in Leipzig. Especially the personal support and the prepared information about the location helped us to get an overview. I can really recommend to contact IRL if an expansion to Leipzig is in question."

Ingmar Bergmann, Regional Manager Region East

"A high potential of skilled workers, especially due to the universities and colleges in the Saxon region, was an advantage for us. In addition, there is a good investment climate for medium-sized companies, here through the support of the SAB, which helped us a lot ... The discussions and advice provided by Invest Region Leipzig GmbH have also supported us."

Eileen Walther, Country Manager Germany, NORTHWAVE Intelligent Security Operations

"The city is very centrally located. Since we operate throughout Germany, proximity was a crucial factor. Leipzig is very well connected in terms of infrastructure. It is a liveable, beautiful city and therefore an attraction for talented employees."

Steven Ponndorf, site manager, Xitaso

“The support we received from Invest Region Leipzig GmbH, was extremely helpful because we were not in Leipzig at the time we were seeking a new location and had little knowledge of the region apart from visiting the city. The cooperation with Invest Region Leipzig helped us a lot…”

Daniel Schwemmer, Sales Manager, Flexfab

“The professional appearance of the IRL encouraged us in our decision to choose Leipzig. The service is free, the way of working is very structured, you can tell immediately that this is not the first time IRL has done this. It all makes sense. IRL organised the visits for interesting properties.”