"Mobility case study - Future Parking"

Mobility case study – Future Parking

The Future Parking project team began in Leipzig in January 2018, researching the new technology of mobile sensors. In the project, Future Parking is trialling a new high-tech system for multistorey car parks based on mobile sensors for indoor wireless localisation alongside Dresden University of Technology (Chair of IT for Transport Systems) along with companies from Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz as well as AMZ Saxony. Together with companies in Saxony, they researched; how to locate free parking spaces in the indoor area and how to help vehicles navigate to the respective parking space. Location and driving functions are supplemented by an app, with additional services relating to parking, such as “book and pay online”, “find-my-car”, and innovative solutions for the multistorey car parks in the city of Leipzig. Future parking has overcome some of the restrictions of particular environments, such as concrete multistorey car parks where radio waves are disturbed or positioning signals from satellites cannot penetrate.

The project team at the kick-off of Future Parking in Leipzig on January 25th, 2018

Available as a complete system or an upgrade, the system enables the smart management of multistorey car parks, including letting of parking spaces, implementing micro-hubs for city centre logistics, and supporting self-driving cars. Leipzig Office for Economic Development provides technology funding and wage subsidies for the project, supplementing the grant from Saxony’s reconstruction bank SAB.

The Office for Economic Development commissioned a related study entitled Business Model Development by HTWK Leipzig University of Applied Sciences and supported public relations work by funding both the project’s website and an explanatory film targeted at investors. Furthermore, after liaising with municipal property developer LGH, the Office for Economic Development enabled Future Parking to test the technology at the multistorey car park on Giesserstrasse, in Leipzig.

For more information see Future Parking (future-parking.de)