How can Invest Region Leipzig help my business? 

Invest Region Leipzig is a unique German partner for enterprises wishing to move or establish a new business in the Leipzig region.  If you are looking to relocate your business to Germany’s Leipzig Region, or want to open a new business in the area, Invest Region Leipzig can help you with whatever you need, including location advice, finding funding opportunities in the Leipzig Region, and recruitment of staff. 

Location Advice

Together with the regional offices for economic development and local real estate agents, we will find the best location for your company, whether industrial, commercial, laboratory or office space, already developed, or in a brownfield or greenfield site. 

The Leipzig region provides the optimal environment for businesses of any size to thrive. The ideal property for a business is always a question of specific requirements and demands, Invest Region Leipzig will assist you in your search for the right location as on-site specialists. To that purpose, we collaborate closely with the economic development offices of the region’s administrative districts, cities, and towns, as well as the Leipzig Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Funding Opportunities in The Leipzig Region 

Once you’ve found the right location for your business in the Leipzig Region, the next essential step is to find and access funding that can help your business succeed. Invest Region Leipzig are here to support your business through its relocation process, by helping you find and access business funding in the Leipzig region

With our colleagues in municipal business development, Invest Region Leipzig help you obtain funding from the government and other financial agencies. The Region of Leipzig and the Free State of Saxony will contribute up to 30% of your business investment costs. Invest Region Leipzig will provide you with comprehensive information on the available funding and put you in touch with the relevant funding agencies in the Leipzig region. 

Recruitment of Skilled Workers 

Invest Region Leipzig will help your business recruit high quality, skilled workers. In addition to an excellent living environment and numerous available jobs, the region offers the best professional prospects and further training opportunities for qualified specialists. 

We can provide you with: 

  • Overview of partners and services in regional public transport 
  • Contact with people from the field of education, school, daycare, etc. 
  • Information on living in the Leipzig region 
  • Overview of cultural and leisure activities 
  • Current information on other focal points – living & working in the Leipzig region 

If you are seeking for qualified professionals for your business, Invest Region Leipzig will check the availability of personnel with local recruitment agencies. We can create anonymous applicant profiles and provide you with specific information about wage levels and estimated recruiting timelines. We put up programmes for the qualification of your professional people in collaboration with local educational institutions, which are supported by employment agencies. We can assist in arranging initial fully customisable training for your potential workers by collaborating with local employment agencies and educational institutions. 

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