INTENSE AG: A new Leipzig location for a long-standing specialist in software and IT consulting

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For over 20 years, now with more than 100 employees, INTENSE AG has been offering software and IT consulting for a wide variety of industries. Last year, in addition to the headquarters in Würzburg and the branches in Cologne and Saarbrücken, INTENSE AG opened a new location in Leipzig under branch manager Jens Ziegler.

INTENSE AG has made a name for itself as a leading provider of IT implementations. As a consulting and development company, the company mainly looks after customers from the energy industry. “We mostly take on programming and system setting tasks. The tendency is, however, that we are increasingly supporting companies with strategic considerations e.g., we derive potential for improvement from the current state and then work out a suitable solution variant that fits the requirements and wishes of the customer. It’s not always just about software,” says Jens Ziegler.

The company is not only a long-standing SAP partner and specialises in these core products: INTENSE AG researches and develops solutions for energy efficiency and thus makes an important contribution to climate protection. You can find out more at

The Leipzig branch has meanwhile grown to 11 employees. The choice for Leipzig was a chain of fortunate circumstances: “By chance, the letter from Invest Region Leipzig GmbH about the advantages of the region ended up in my hands. At this point, our Supervisory Board had not yet decided in favour of the location. As a Leipzig resident, it was clear that when a new location was confirmed, I would begin my search in Leipzig. I then checked the possibilities and realised that it would not be that easy on my own to find a suitable property. So, I said that we are now trying that with the Invest Region Leipzig, and that worked out very well straight away,” explains Jens Ziegler. “Our advisor from Invest Region Leipzig understood very well what kind of property we are looking for. He then gave me a tip for applying for funding. We also used the specialist recruitment service. That went very well. Without the support of Invest Region Leipzig, it would have been a bit more difficult to find an office,” he recalls.

The university landscape in Leipzig played a decisive role in the location decision. For Jens Ziegler, the broad range of study options, from energy technology to economics, engineering to IT, was necessary. Thus, the skilled workers of tomorrow are taken care of. “Another plus point for Leipzig is that it is a scientific location. There is, for example, the Helmholtz Institute. Then Leipzig is also an energy location; EEX is located here,” he explains. “Ultimately, of course, it is the location itself: Leipzig as a city is represented with many facets, that was the decisive factor. The city is big enough, but not yet as big as Berlin so that you can try out a lot of things here,” he says.

INTENSE AG expects the number of employees for the Leipzig office to increase in the future. INTENSE AG is mainly looking for IT-savvy people at the location who ideally understand the energy industry. “You should be interested in IT and not think in terms of fixed schemes but should be able to bring in new things and sometimes throw old things overboard,” describes Jens Ziegler. “We here in Leipzig are very friendly with each other and have a close relationship. We also work hard together and have high expectations of our services. But we support each other in this,” he explains enthusiastically. “We don’t all work on the same project or customer. Nevertheless, there is exchange and support. We are each curious about what the others are doing. Can I also learn something here and participate in the process?

“We don’t have fixed roles either. Everyone has equal rights and should or may contribute,” says Jens Ziegler. This open manner and the will to actively participate in what they also want from new employees. “And of course, our colleagues should also feel comfortable on site: the Leipzig office has already been named the most beautiful of all branches. The table tennis table is already here.”

For more information on Invest Region Leipzig contact:
Invest Region Leipzig GmbH, Markt 9, 04109 Leipzig

Tel: +49 (0) 341 2682 77 70

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Dr. Marco Peisker, Site manager, adesso SE

"The city has seen fantastic development over the last few years. We wanted to be closer to our regional partners and customers. It's easier to forge closer relationships with companies when you're there"

Shwet Sabharwal, Branch Manager Leipzig Tech Mahindra

"I strongly recommend the soft-landing approach from Invest Region Leipzig because of it’s numerous advantages for every company planning to set up business in the Leipzig region."

Tobias Drechsel, CEO Thinkport GmbH

"We are glad to have taken this step and gone to Leipzig to be able to further develop Thinkport ... Invest Region Leipzig made it extremely easy for us to get started in Leipzig. Especially the personal support and the prepared information about the location helped us to get an overview. I can really recommend to contact IRL if an expansion to Leipzig is in question."

Ingmar Bergmann, Regional Manager Region East

"A high potential of skilled workers, especially due to the universities and colleges in the Saxon region, was an advantage for us. In addition, there is a good investment climate for medium-sized companies, here through the support of the SAB, which helped us a lot ... The discussions and advice provided by Invest Region Leipzig GmbH have also supported us."

Eileen Walther, Country Manager Germany, NORTHWAVE Intelligent Security Operations

"The city is very centrally located. Since we operate throughout Germany, proximity was a crucial factor. Leipzig is very well connected in terms of infrastructure. It is a liveable, beautiful city and therefore an attraction for talented employees."