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5 reasons Leipzig is the best city for new businesses

If you are looking for a city for your new business, Leipzig might be the ideal location. Leipzig is a highly commerce-driven city with a fast-growing reputation as an ideal location for business investors. Picking the right location for your business is crucial as it can affect profitability, growth, and workforce. The region of Leipzig is a growing investment location in Germany with a booming economy and plenty of potential for growth.

1. Open development opportunities

One of the key competitive advantages of Leipzig is its space to grow. The region offers plenty of building land in its centre as well as prime office locations in and around the city centre. As population is expected to reach 700,000 by 2040, Leipzig is constantly growing. Prime real estate is available all over the city, as well as development opportunities, including extensive brownfield sites, ready to be revitalised by new and upcoming businesses.

The Leipzig region offers a wealth of attractive sites of all shapes and sizes for your business to settle and grow. Whether you are looking for offices, laboratories, industry or logistics, Leipzig has a site that will meet your requirements.

2. A highly educated population

Leipzig is home to one of Germany’s most prestigious universities, Leipzig University. With 600 years of experience creating highly educated alumni, it is now one of 10 renowned educational institutes enabling Leipzig to boast a vocationally skilled workforce. This city boasts a university-educated population employed in a diverse range of sectors, including logistics, biotechnology, IT, environmental technologies, and the creative industries. This diverse range of skills and expertise provides a highly skilled workforce, making Leipzig ideal for any new business.

3. Strategic location

Leipzig is an ideal location for any new business looking to target European consumers. Germany borders nine countries, including Denmark, France, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Its continental European location provides easy access to other central European countries via land, as well as easy access to further countries via sea or air. Leipzig has an excellent trimodal infrastructure for road, rail and air traffic.

The Leipzig region connects critical long-distance commercial routes from northern to southern and eastern to western Europe. Its strategic location has been utilised for centuries as a centre of commerce and growth. The region functions as a major international transhipment hub attracting a range of major transport businesses, including DHL which operates its largest global hub from Leipzig.

4. Growing economy

Germany has a mixed economy, often known as “Soziale Marktwirtschaft,” or social market economy. Germany’s economy has seen an upswing since its implementation over 60 years ago and is still now strong and growing. The social market economy of Germany can benefit your new business, not only by providing a strong economy, but also providing economic efficiency through a high supply of goods and opportunities to set up independent and privately owned business.

Germany’s economy is ranked as one of the five largest in the world, making it an ideal location for businesses looking for economic growth and stability.

5. Large consumer base

Germany accounts for 18.6% of the total EU population. As the EU member state with the largest population, Germany has the largest consumer market in Europe. Having Leipzig as the base for your new business will provide you with access to this immense consumer market and their spending power to help you grow your business.

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