Invest Region Leipzig GmbH

A wonderful welcome: Numerous new company settlements enrich Leipzig’s economic landscape.

During the last two Corona years, companies decided to expand to a new location despite an uncertain situation. During this period, the official settlement agency Invest Region Leipzig GmbH supported a total of 32 companies in setting up their operations in the Leipzig region.

To officially welcome these companies, the Office for Economic Development of the City of Leipzig, the District of Leipzig and Invest Region Leipzig GmbH invited them to a ceremonial reception at the Leipzig Gewandhaus.

The guests were welcomed by Prof. Andreas Schulz, director of the Gewandhaus, Mr Clemens Schülke, the acting head of the Department of Economic Affairs, Labor and Digital Affairs, Ms Gesine Sommer, the head of the administrative department of the district council for economic development, and Mr Michael Körner, the managing director of Invest Region Leipzig GmbH. Symbolically, the companies were handed over from the care of Invest Region Leipzig GmbH to the municipal contacts of the city of Leipzig and the district.

“This event is a wonderful opportunity to jointly welcome the companies newly settled in the Leipzig economic region. The settlements result from our successful cooperation of all stakeholders, including those beyond the city limits,”

Michael Körner.

For Invest Region Leipzig, 2021 was the most successful year since its founding in 2013, with the settlement of the Indian global IT company HCL Technologies, the 100th company supported by Invest Region Leipzig to settle in the location. With this result, Invest Region Leipzig also confirmed its role in the further economic development of Leipzig as a business location. Its specialization in company settlements pays off strategically for the economic metropolis of Leipzig and the district of Leipzig. The cooperation generates numerous synergies: Each individual settlement has a broad impact and benefits both the city and the district. Jobs are created for both the respective location and for commuters from the economic area. In addition, numerous other jobs are created indirectly through construction, supply chains and other services as part of new projects.

In addition to the official welcome and enjoying the musical “Grand Concert” by the Gewandhaus Orchestra, it was a wonderful opportunity for the companies to get to know each other and network.