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Experts for niche specialists: recruitment consultancy Baumlink

Baumlink is a recruitment consultancy focused on recruiting specialists in three key areas: risk management, cybersecurity and data analytics. The company was founded six years ago by Chris Morillon in London. Since 2021, there is another location in Leipzig. Here, the young company wants to grow further.

Differentiating itself from other recruitment consultancies, Baumlink promises to find unique solutions for recruitment. The company’s niche focus and the special expertise of its employees give it a deep understanding of the nuances and trends in human resources, which makes it a valuable partner for companies looking for qualified candidates for specialist positions. To this end, Baumlink has developed a proven consulting methodology to enable a wide range of clients from a variety of industries to find suitable professionals and managers in a timely and accurate manner.

“I started at Baumlink in London in 2016,” says Managing Director Christian Reimann. “At the beginning, we built up the two areas of risk management and cybersecurity together,” he explains. As in all locations, Baumlink always works for the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland): “This is simply an exciting market. There is still a lot of room for improvement here in terms of headhunters. You can shape things. In Germany, personnel is still recruited using very classic methods, but that is slowly changing,” says Christian Reimann. The company’s vision is to become a leading consultant in the three focus areas. To achieve this, growth is needed. “After a total of 10 years in England and personal reasons, the start of the pandemic and certainly the Brexit issue, it was the right time to come back to Germany and open a branch here,” Christian Reimann explains. Interesting regions throughout Germany were examined for the location decision: “At a trade fair back then, we got to know Invest Region Leipzig GmbH and that’s how we came up with the idea of Leipzig. The decision was then a bit of a mixture of the personal situation and the clear consideration of what is advantageous for Baumlink. The region is economically attractive. In Leipzig you can get everywhere very quickly, the quality of life is just right, you can get to Berlin quickly and the housing situation is attractive. And so our choice quickly fell on Leipzig. By chance we found the office, right on the inner city ring road and super central. We were immediately thrilled,” he recalls.In Leipzig, seven staff members now work with a focus on cybersecurity, also as a sub-area of risk management. In the future, the focus on IT infrastructure will be added.

“We have been very warmly welcomed in Leipzig by Invest Region Leipzig GmbH, we are totally satisfied. We were supported with the legal issues, as we had to set up a GmbH at the beginning. IRL’s skilled labour service supported us a lot. We were able to take part in various events, such as “Work in Leipzig”, which brings companies and students together. I could approach the IRL team at any time and they had an open ear. IRL supported us with its network of various partners in the region, so one thing led to another,” explains Christian Reimann. And so Baumlink was also there when the region’s new companies were invited to the Leipzig Gewandhaus, which led to them becoming a sponsor for the concert hall.

In addition to Leipzig, the largest office in terms of space, a location in Munich was quickly added. Here, as a “cross-over team”, the employees specialise in risk management, ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and sustainable finance, similar to the London office.

Recruiting specialists is a complex process for Baumlink that requires a deep understanding of the field and a comprehensive knowledge of the clients’ requirements and expectations. An experienced recruitment company can help identify the best candidates by researching backgrounds and references. Baumlink has – despite a highly specialised environment – a relatively broad portfolio: well-known clients from the consulting/consulting sector, industry, banking, insurance, but also the governmental environment. “We have already grown in all three specialised areas. We are proactive, approach companies, present ourselves at trade fairs or conferences. In the meantime, however, people already know us and the network contacts us when, for example, a new team is to be built and employees are being sought for it,” explains Christian Reimann. And so they are looking for candidates who have something to do with IT security, but who can also build and check such systems. People who are willing to change can approach Baumlink and we will see if we have the right company for them. “We advise them and help people find their dream job,” explains Werner Beyer, Cyber Security Specialist at Baumlink in Leipzig. “Through our niches, we have built up expertise in these particular markets, we know which companies are out there and which companies are looking right now. We then present our candidates exactly where they will be seen,” emphasises Christian Reimann.

Baumlink is not only looking for new colleagues for its clients. The office in Leipzig is also set to grow. We are looking for new team members who are interested in sales, have good interpersonal skills and are communicative and self-reliant. “For us, it’s mainly about the interpersonal, that has to be right,” says Chand Hassan, Cloud Security Specialist in Leipzig. He is studying part-time, is relatively new to the team and highly motivated: “Most staff are wanted in the recruiting area. You can establish yourself here for the long term,” he explains. “The personality has to speak for itself. Passion, enthusiasm, a desire for sales aspects and networking is important to us. We have a lot of career changers. You have the chance to earn a disproportionate salary in this industry because you are also directly involved in the success. That is independent of the degree,” adds Christian Reimann.

For Baumlink, an open learning and error culture is important; they want to grow together. The entire team from all locations meets online once a week to discuss various current topics, processes or methods for recruitment. There is an online knowledge platform and a dedicated academy that imparts practical knowledge and methodology.

“Our focus is to constantly maintain and expand our network by regularly updating our database and talent pools,” explains Christian Reimann. “We thought of something with our name ‘Baumlink’: the tree symbolises strength and stability, with deep roots and a strong crown. Just like a tree, our network should have roots that keep it stable to bear fruit. By nurturing our network, we reap the rewards in the form of the right candidates to place with our clients at the right time.”

In line with this, tree planting campaigns are supported in Malaysia, Honduras and now also in Leipzig. Baumlink still has a lot of plans. In the future, the company wants to grow to 100 employees.