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How to successfully relocate your office abroad

How to successfully relocate your office abroad

Successful office relocation is often dependent on successful employee relocation. It is particularly important to consider what you can do to improve employee’s welfare, career opportunities, and make necessary provisions in office relocation, as employees are what will ensure your relocation success.  

Why relocate your office abroad?

Businesses decide on office relocation for a variety of reasons. They might be planning to set up a subsidiary in a new market or, may need to move staff within their network to capitalise on existing skills, knowledge, and relationships.

Employers and HR (Human Resources) departments may be tasked with moving staff from one location to another as part of short-term projects or permanent business relocation moves. Often, the choice is between hiring local employees or transferring talent.

   Businesses benefit from transferring talent for the following reasons:

  • Avoiding rehiring and training costs
  • Knowing workers are skilled and experienced
  • Encouraging continuity of service
  • Using insider knowledge and relationships in a new location

Benefits of hiring local employees include:

  • No relocation costs
  • A local can provide knowledge of local businesses and contacts
  • a local hire will likely be more invested in helping your company succeed since it benefits their community

What to consider before an office relocation?

When looking to relocate an office, business location is extremely important. Then, when relocating employees, there are some things that you should consider.  

  • Administration and finances

It is important to consider the tax implications of moving employees overseas. Depending on employees’ home countries,  they may be required to pay taxes in both their home and placement countries, and you may be responsible for business tax in numerous countries. However, Germany does currently have double-taxation agreements with many countries meaning that this will not be an issue.  The specific requirements will vary depending on whether your overseas office is a branch or a subsidiary, as well as the location of your offices. Invest Region Leipzig can  recommend experts for guidance on tax requirements for the Leipzig region.

Because the cost of relocating an employee may be measured in both time and money, minimising employee downtime may be a top priority. Assuring that your expats have all the necessary equipment to go online as soon as they arrive might assist to reduce interruption.

  • Expatriate mental wellbeing

Well-being is more than just physical. Those on international jobs are more likely to experience mental health issues, and expatriate mental health might be particularly sensitive to the effects of isolation.

While moving to a new country can be thrilling and rewarding, such a major life change can also be mentally taxing. It is also crucial to make sure your firm has the infrastructure in place to help isolated employees, because expats are more likely to internalise problems.

  • Family, accommodation, and practicalities

Your employees will need a place to live, and if they have children, schools and colleges will be necessary. Assisting your employees in obtaining the information they want about international schools and the finest expat neighbourhoods may ease the process and comfort the rest of the family. If you need guidance in giving the right information to employees who are relocating, Invest Region Leipzig offer advice on relocating to the Leipzig region.  

How do you convince an employee to relocate?

Employee relocation packages are the most effective strategy to encourage workers to migrate. They may include the following:

  • Some or all moving costs
  • A long-term job offer
  • Temporary Housing
  • Finding a home
  • Assistance with the relocation of their family
  • Employee benefits

Taking these relocation package priorities into consideration, the Leipzig region in Germany is an ideal place for office relocation. This lively, business focussed region of Germany offers a large expatriate community, multiple English-speaking bars, and international schools.

Looking to relocate your business to Leipzig, Germany?

Invest Region Leipzig offers location services for businesses looking to relocate or open a new branch  in the Leipzig region of Germany. The location services provided by Invest Region Leipzig cover development of location criteria, identification of suitable commercial spaces, presentation of locations, site visits and networking opportunities.