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Interview with the software company IVU Traffic Technologies AG

IVU Traffic Technologies AG operates its Leipzig branch since 2022. The Leipzig region is an important multimodal transport hub in Central Germany, with an excellent infrastructure. As a leading provider of intelligent transport solutions, the Saxon metropolis offers ideal conditions for the company. Leipzig is known for its strong technology and research landscape as well as for renowned universities and universities of applied sciences, which generate a talented pool of skilled workers. These are ideal conditions for an innovative company such as IVU Traffic Technologies AG:

What is the story behind the creation of IVU Traffic Technologies AG?

In 1976, five graduates of the Technical University of Berlin jointly founded IVU Traffic Technologies. Since then, the Berlin IT specialist has been working with more than 800 engineers to ensure efficient and environmentally friendly public transport. More than 500 transport companies worldwide rely on IVU's solutions, which offer all the advantages of a standard solution such as low development costs and rapid commissioning. It is always important to IVU to give all colleagues the opportunity to pursue meaningful work in an appreciative working environment and to develop their individual talents to the full.


What services/products does your company offer?

The integrated complete system IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies offers the right support for all the tasks of a transport company: from planning and dispatching to operations control, ticketing and passenger information, right through to the invoicing of transport contracts.


How many employees does IVU Traffic Technologies AG have in total?

IVU employs more than 800 engineers from 42 nations.


What other locations does IVU have next to Leipzig?

IVU has a total of 19 locations in Berlin (headquarters), Aachen, Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main, Hanover, Vienna (AT), Olten (CH), Rome (IT), Birmingham (GB), Paris (FR), Utrecht (NL), Stockholm (SE), Budapest (HU), Poznan (PL), Istanbul (TR), Santiago (CL), Montreal (CA), New York (US) and Hanoi (VN).


How did the Leipzig location come about? Why did you decide on the location?

The University of Leipzig enjoys a very good reputation far beyond the city limits, and the Institute of Computer Science is of particular interest to IVU for industry-related reasons. Recruitment is not an easy subject, which is why IVU is now also setting up a development team in Leipzig to further improve the complete IVU.suite system and to promote innovations in the operation of buses and trains. And of course the proximity to our headquarters is also a great advantage. The employees from Leipzig can be in Berlin in 1.5 hours by ICE, which contributes to their loyalty to the company and enables an uncomplicated personal exchange.


What goals/developments are planned at the Leipzig location?

The most important goal for IVU for the time being is to continue to recruit personnel and to build up a motivated team of software developers who would like to play an active role in shaping the public transport of tomorrow.


What advantages does the region offer your company and how do you make the most of them?

With its numerous graduates, the University of Leipzig is a great location advantage for a software company. In addition, the city itself offers a very high quality of life, an excellent infrastructure and an extremely lively arts and cultural scene.


What role does your company play in the region and how do you contribute to its development?

We are an attractive employer that offers committed computer scientists the opportunity to pursue a meaningful activity in an appreciative working environment and to fully develop their individual talents.


What were the biggest challenges you faced when setting up your company in Leipzig?

We thought it would be a big challenge to find the right rooms at a reasonable price. Invest Region Leipzig actively supported us here and our employees are very happy in our great new premises in the middle of the city, within walking distance of all transport hubs and just a stone's throw from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Leipzig. It was very helpful for us that Invest Region Leipzig is so well connected and was able to open many doors for us.


Are you still looking for staff? If so, what profiles or requirements would the new staff members have to bring with them?

Among other things, IVU is looking for software developers (m/f/d) and project engineers (m/f/d) in Leipzig. The job advertisements can all be found under the following link (filter "Leipzig"):