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Leipzig’s skilled workforce is ideal for your business

With over 600 historic years as a university location, excellent education has long been a defining feature of life in the Leipzig region.

Leipzig offers a diverse selection of technical and vocational schools, which provide high quality educational programmes. The Leipzig region also offers eleven universities – including excellent training and research institutions such as the University of Leipzig, HTWK and HHL, Europe’s leading business school. The regions educational institutions attract thousands of students from not only Germany, but all over the world to Leipzig every year – giving the region the nickname “the fountain of youth.”

Leipzig attracts numerous additional young professionals from other renowned Central German universities such as the TU Dresden, the Bergakademie Freiberg, the TU Chemnitz, the Bauhaus University Weimar, and even further afield due to its role as the economic centre of Central Germany. These highly educated young individuals are the driving force behind one of Germany’s fastest-growing start-up scenes.

The high density of excellent educational opportunities also ensures a continuous supply of highly qualified professionals via upskilling and continuous vocational training opportunities. Invest Region Leipzig will actively support you in recruiting suitable employees. Our job platform, regional employment agencies, and strong connections to leading universities provide us with a large talent pool of skilled workers.

What are the benefits of hiring a skilled workforce?

Hiring a skilled workforce provides high levels of productivity and profitability. This is due to employees having a great grasp of duties and tasks, meaning they are competent and confident in their job position.

If you are providing vocational training to staff, the training may also be provided in a flexible manner to meet the demands of the business, and talented people can continue to work as specialists in the firm while earning other certifications that will assist the organisation.

A highly skilled workforce is extremely valuable to your company. Individual workers’ skill development may be assessed using vocational credentials, which can assist indicate if training objectives are being fulfilled. Having personnel with vocational credentials implies having well-trained individuals who are more likely to aid the company’s profitability.

Recruitment services to help your business succeed in Leipzig

Together with our HR partners, Invest Region Leipzig analyse the labour market in the Leipzig region, specifically tailored to your expansion project.

  • Analysis of the availability of skilled workers and search periods
  • Regional peculiarities in recruiting skilled workers
  • Information on subsidies on the labour market
  • Leipzig labour market facts (e.g. remuneration)
  • Current information on living & working in the Leipzig region

Invest Region Leipzig has contacts with network partners in the Leipzig Region. These include, employment agencies, recruitment agencies, universities and colleges, expert networks and established businesses and business professionals from various industries. We will establish connections for you, with industry experts, companies, workers and anything else you may need to relocate or to start your business in the Leipzig Region.