Invest Region Leipzig GmbH

Recognition for German-Polish Economic Cooperation for the Invest Region Leipzig

The Invest Region Leipzig has every reason to celebrate as the organization was honored with the "Made FOR Poland" Award at the "Made in Poland“ Congress on September 14th, 2023. This award acknowledges companies and institutions that demonstrate excellence in the field of German-Polish economic collaboration, playing an active role in advancing and fostering these bilateral relations.

The fourth "Made in Poland" Congress, was organized by the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship (Polska Agencja Przedsiębiorczości) with the objective of showcasing and fostering the potential of German-Polish economic collaboration. The congress serves as a platform for companies, experts, and decision-makers from both countries to explore business opportunities and exchange experiences.

This year, the Invest Region Leipzig was represented by Florian Schmidtner and Mrs. Urszula Wöltjen at the event in Berlin. During her lecture at the Congress Mrs. Wöltjen, actively presented the diverse advantages of the Leipzig region for Polish enterprises.

A highlight of the congress is the recognition of companies and organizations that have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievements and efforts in German-Polish economic cooperation. This year, the Invest Region Leipzig was honored with the "Made For Poland" Award. Florian Schmidtner, Team Leader for Acquisition & Site Consulting and responsible for the Polish market, expressed his special delight, saying, "This award stands as evidence of our continuous commitment to enhancing economic ties between Germany and Poland and simplifying the entry of Polish companies into the German market."

The "Made FOR Poland" Award underlines the Invest Region Leipzig's dedication and expertise in the field of cross-border economic cooperation.

The Invest Region Leipzig expresses its gratitude to the Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship and all participants of the "Made in Poland" Congress for this prestigious award.