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Successful Career Day in Hanoi

Leipzig Region inspires Vietnamese professionals

On 25.05.2024, a Career Day took place at Goethe-Institut Hanoi, organised by the German Embassy in Hanoi and the Goethe-Institut. The event attracted over 400 participants, including pupils, students, graduates, parents and representatives from various agencies for studying abroad and vocational training. The Leipzig Region presented itself as an attractive location for professional training and work.

Positive response at the Leipzig stand

AHK Vietnam had its own stand on site and, as the official representative of IRL, presented the Leipzig Region as an attractive place to live and work. Many discussions were held with interested parties at the stand. The spectrum of conversations was broad and ranged from high school graduates to language students enquiring about career opportunities in Leipzig. MBA and Bachelor students also visited the event to find out about career opportunities in Germany.

Skilled labour shortage in Germany and potential in Vietnam

Germany has a high demand for skilled labour, particularly in the fields of IT, nursing, skilled trades and engineering. With its young population and well-developed education and training system, Vietnam offers great potential for motivated labour. The Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (AHK Vietnam) has been promoting dual vocational training according to German standards since 2013 and cooperates with many well-known companies.

Opportunities for both countries

Vietnam's sustainable growth targets and the demand for qualified skilled labour in Germany create promising prospects for both countries. German companies have the opportunity to benefit from Vietnam's skilled workforce and at the same time contribute to the economic prosperity of both nations.

The demand for skilled labour has also been rising sharply in the Leipzig Region for several years. Some companies and institutions in the region have already been able to recruit their first trainees and future skilled workers from Vietnam for medical, food services and technical professions, among others. These activities are to be further expanded in cooperation between Vietnam and the Leipzig economic region. The positive response and the great interest in the Career Day in Hanoi show that the endeavours of IRL and its partners are finding fertile ground. The Leipzig Region is successfully positioning itself as an attractive destination for Vietnamese professionals and students seeking a professional future in Germany. In this way, the business location can continue to grow sustainably and remain competitive.

The City of Leipzig Office operated by the IRL in the German House in Ho Chi Minh City, managed by the AHK Vietnam, serves as a contact point in the market for companies and skilled workers from Vietnam interested in the Leipzig Region.