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The Importance of Business Location

You might believe that picking a site for your business is as straightforward as putting your finger on a map. However, location selection is crucial, and there are several aspects to consider. Choosing the perfect site can prove incredibly profitable but choosing the wrong one can often cause more harm than good.

What is a business location?

Your business location is the site where you will perform your service or sell your products. That might be the physical area where you sell your coffee and greet clients if you run a coffee shop, or if you are an online-only business, it might be the office where you base your business.

How can you choose the right business location?

When choosing a business location, there are lots of things you should consider. The main considerations should be, cost of premises, proximity to other businesses, accessibility, demographics, and competition. However, every business is unique, and you may have other relevant priorities when choosing a business location.


When it comes to picking a business location, cost is a major factor. City centres are fantastic for talent and accessibility, but they often come at an excessive cost. It is smart to compare the expenses of several areas before settling on one. If you want a city centre location but do not want a large amount of space – you may look into shared office space to reduce your costs.

Proximity to other businesses

You should consider the other local companies in the region while making site selections. You will want to see whether you can take advantage of the adjacent companies’ foot traffic and consider whether these nearby companies will enhance or diminish the quality and culture of your organisation. You should also think about whether these businesses will be competitive enough to attract consumers or even employees away from your organisation.


Choosing a business location that is accessible to both consumers and employees can make or break a company. For example, you could discover the ideal bricks and mortar business in your preferred location, for a fair price, but it has no parking nearby. This may make it hard to attract customers who are not withing walking distance especially if public transportation is infrequent.

If you’re not running a business that relies on foot traffic, it’s still necessary to think about access for other purposes. This might include deliveries of supplies, customer meetings, and warehouse or big storage space for your company.


Choosing the right location should also reflect your target customer’s demographics. Consider if your clients are likely to reside or shop in the neighbourhood, or whether they are willing to travel to you. Many consumers value convenience, so think about how easy it is for your target audience to come to you and whether it would be easier for them to travel to a competitor.


The proximity of your competitors might be beneficial or detrimental depending on the sort of business and sector you operate in. If you are a small business, choosing a site near a competitor that sells the same things as you but at a lower price range might be a bad decision as potential customers will most likely opt for the most affordable option.

If you know your competition’s location is tough to get to, on the other hand, you may make sure you select a location that is easy for customers to get to.

Why the Leipzig Region is ideal as a business location?

Leipzig and the surrounding region are currently attracting many enterprises as well as people searching for work and a place to call home. Leipzig serves as a crossroads for important long-distance commerce routes connecting northern and southern Europe, as well as eastern and western Europe. Over time, a great multimodal infrastructure for road, rail, and air traffic has grown out of this foundation.

The booming economic region of Leipzig has a decisive competitive advantage over other European locations: it still has space to grow.

The Leipzig region offers perfect location conditions with a wealth of attractive sites of all shapes and sizes for your business to settle and grow. Whether for offices, laboratories, industry, or logistics, in existing buildings or on greenfield sites, Leipzig has site options that will meet your requirements.

Looking to locate your business in Leipzig, Germany?

Invest Region Leipzig offers location services for businesses looking to relocate or, open a new branch in the Leipzig region of Germany. The location services provided by Invest Region Leipzig cover development of location criteria, identification of suitable commercial spaces, presentation of locations, site visits and networking opportunities.