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Why is Germany good for international business?

Germany is one of the most enticing countries in Europe for international business investment.

It is an appealing investment destination due to its central location, convenient access to other EU markets, good infrastructure, and highly qualified workforce. Germany has one of the world’s largest and most stable commercial economies, as well as a well-developed political and economic system. Because of the country’s robust legal safeguards, investors may quickly defend their rights and preserve their industrial and intellectual property. Germany is also expected to retain major influence inside Europe and act as a regional stabilising factor.

Germany was named the best country for start-ups.

Germany is one of the top ten best countries in the world for start-up businesses, with a strong emphasis on leveraging research for economic advantage. The country has a solid track record of successfully translating research into practical applications. From software to medicines, this practical focus has been a driver of job development and a means of combining German scientific research to benefit society as a whole.  

The German government demonstrates its strong commitment to applied research by funding research institutes, fostering the establishment of start-up businesses, and licencing intellectual property to allow researchers to shift from academia to other sectors.

A Strong and Dynamic Economy

Germany as a business location provides enormous purchasing power, a creative mentality, a location at the centre of Europe’s vast transportation network, and a highly trained workforce.

Germany is one of the European leaders in science and research with a practical emphasis and well-trained talented workers, with 62,105 patent applications in 2020. As a result, Germany is one of Europe’s innovation leaders. Germany has one of the largest purchasing power per capita in Europe, with a per capita spending power of €24,412 in 2021 – new products and ideas may readily find a market here.  

Germany’s infrastructure will also make it easier for you to establish your own firm. Around 229,890 kilometres of roads, 38,000 kilometres of railroads, and a modern telecommunications network will deliver you, your ideas, and your products to your destination.

An Excellent Place to Share Your Ideas

As a business owner in Germany, you may expect a stable political and economic environment in which to develop your legally protected ideas.  

The Copyright Act, Patent Law, and Trademark Law all safeguard intellectual property in Germany, including inventions, corporate logos, and concepts.

Economic policies also safeguard excellent ideas: Competition legislation, for example, prevents your rivals from making misleading assertions about your products in order to win customers.

Germany protects not just competition freedom, but also citizen freedom. The basic order of the liberal democratic republic ensures that the people elect their representatives, while the separation of powers prohibits abuse of authority.

Cultural Background & Open-Mindedness

You are not only an expert in your field, but you also understand the culture of your own nation. That is undeniably advantageous. Germany is a country of immigration – almost 1.2 million immigrants from foreign countries settled in Germany in 2020. In most cases, immigrants have distinct needs and wishes that you may be more familiar with.

Your language and cultural abilities might be crucial in establishing international business connections. Currently, Germany is the third largest exporting nation in the world, with a market share of 8%.

A Multicultural Society

If you choose Germany as your investment location, you will be selecting a country with a distinctive cultural landscape. Furthermore, the country’s culture, diversity of people, and family friendliness make it particularly desirable.  The confluence of many cultures and religions has resulted in lively worldwide art and cultural sectors. A high quality of living and a stable democracy both contribute to harmonious cohabitation in Germany.

Looking to start your business in Leipzig, Germany?

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