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Alexander Türpe, Chief People & Culture Officer bei powercloud

"We have always underestimated the region in terms of how to grow here. It is now much more than what we had originally planned ... I didn't think we would grow like this so quickly. But I am happy that we have found so many good people. Hardly any city in Germany is more beautiful and has so much quality of life and further potential."

The future presents us with great challenges. More dynamic energy production and flexible energy consumers meet old structures. Making the energy industry more efficient, customer-friendly and digital with great innovative power are points that powercloud has made its goal. With its SaaS solution, the company supports sales, processing and billing processes in the energy sector. Costs for electricity, gas, heat, water, waste water, products and services can be billed and with amazing results: In the meantime, the powercloud solution has grown to become the most successful standard cloud platform in the energy industry. In addition to medium-sized energy suppliers, large electricity companies such as Eon, EWE and LichtBlick are also powercloud customers. "Technologically, our offering is superior: If you look right now, in a city like Leipzig, with the electric cars: how are you going to charge them all? This is where we come in: We will solve that. With us, you can control the whole thing. Because issues like: "When can you get your energy, when can you charge your car, or how can you take the electricity out of the electric car again? All this has implications for prices and billing models. The future is decentralised, flexible and brings together dynamic energy production through renewable energies on the one hand with flexible consumers on the other," explains CEO and founder Marco Beicht.

Marco Beicht, CEO of Powercloud: "Hardly any other city in Germany has so much quality of life and further potential"

A lot of support is needed to realise the goals. And so powercloud already has over 400 permanent employees and around 100 freelancers. In 2023, the company wants to grow to over 500 employees. The company is also looking for the right skilled workers for this enormous growth. Five years ago, this was a criterion for choosing Leipzig as a location: "We are growing here by 10-20 people every month, which is quite strong and disproportionate in the region," explains Marco Beicht. "We had the challenge of not being able to find staff quickly enough in just one location. I think that's unsurprising, it's the same for many other companies. We then looked at a few cities and finally it was Leipzig," he says.

In the meantime, the Leipzig team has already moved three times, and at the moment a breakthrough is being made to the neighbouring building in order to significantly increase the space. "We always underestimated the region in terms of how you can grow here. It is now much more than what we had originally planned," says Marco Beicht. There are over 100 employees* in Leipzig, and the number is growing. "I would not have thought that we would grow so quickly. But I am pleased that we have found so many good people. Hardly any other city in Germany is more beautiful and has so much quality of life and further potential," Dresden-born Alexander Türpe, Chief People & Culture Officer at powercloud, also enthuses about the location. There is no end in sight to the enormous development in Leipzig: "We want the location to continue to grow. It is important for us to get the right talent. We have built up a very strong bond with Leipzig, you can feel that. We want to find the right employees who will stay with us for a long time and enjoy doing something really big, want to develop themselves here and bring their heart and soul with them," says Marco Beicht.

This is what the new IT campus will look like

Leipzig as a location for Powercloud and the energy industry of the future

Continuous development and finding future-oriented solutions are what drive powercloud. A major project close to Marco Beicht's heart is currently being implemented in the Black Forest:The IT campus in Achern, which will house 140 company flats, primarily for employees, a hotel, additional offices and gastronomy on 26,000 m² in addition to the company's new headquarters."A company like this needs a home, an identity.In 2019, we got the chance to acquire an area in the middle of the city where we were founded, and this is where we will build," says visionary Marco Beicht enthusiastically. The 85 million project is to become car-free on the entire site, and the entire infrastructure and organisation of everything that moves will be moved underground. A separate energy supplier has even been founded. "We have the entire energy world in our hands and can therefore already live and work as one would imagine in the future in 5 to 10 years. We are visionary, enthusiastic about technology, sustainable and CO2-neutral, and we are certainly changing the consciousness of many people, even beyond the IT campus. With our model, you can test everything," explains Marco Beicht.

So it remains exciting and absolutely worthwhile to keep an eye on the development of powercloud. For Leipzig and the region, powercloud is already a real gain.