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SKELETON Technologies has chosen Markranstädt as the location for its new "Gigafactory". In future, pioneering supercapacitors and battery technologies will be developed and built here.

Company opens state-of-the-art factory in Markranstädt

The company's success story began in 2009 in Tartu, Estonia. The company quickly established itself as a pioneer in the production of space-qualified capacitors and was able to win the European Space Agency as its first customer. SKELETON set a milestone with the development and patenting of the innovative material "Curved Graphene". The material is used in ultracapacitors and batteries for numerous applications in various sectors such as the automotive industry, energy supply and medical technology. Ultracapacitors can help to compensate for voltage fluctuations in the power grid. The special storage units absorb excess energy at lightning speed and release it again when required.

Partnership for innovation: ecoPARKS and Siemens at the Markranstädt site

Together with project developer ecoPARKS and technology partner Siemens, a new site is being built in the district of Leipzig. The world's largest and most modern factory for ultracapacitors is scheduled to start production here as early as 2024. Markranstädt will be SKELETON's second location in Saxony, after the company has been conducting research & development for the products in a pilot factory in Großröhrsdorf near Dresden since 2017.

Leipzig Region is home to the world's largest ultracapacitor factory

The new super factory in Markranstädt marks the start of series production of ultracapacitors. SKELETON has more than 300 employees, 50 per cent of whom were newly hired in 2023 alone. A total of 220 million euros will now be invested in the new factory, creating over 200 new jobs for the region.

Investing in the future: SKELETON Technologies and the expansion of the site

SKELETON is not only committed to its own growth, but also to the development of the local labour force and training opportunities. In the next two years after commissioning, the company plans to expand its training programme with a focus on innovative battery technologies in collaboration with local stakeholders and institutions.

Dr Linus Froböse, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Managing Director of SKELETON, also emphasised the environmental aspect of the company in an interview with the Landkreis Journal in 2023: "Skeleton Technologies develops and produces high technology in the form of ultracapacitors in the Leipzig region. These products help to significantly optimise the energy consumption of our customers in areas such as automotive, power grids, renewable energies and heavy industry and reduce the greenhouse effect."

Support from Invest Region Leipzig GmbH

Invest Region Leipzig GmbH (IRL) provided support in selecting the location, forged links with local players and networks and helped with its skilled labour service. Michael Körner, Managing Director of IRL, commented on SKELETON's decision to locate here: "IRL has supported SKELETON Technologies from the outset and is proud to be making a contribution to strengthening Leipzig as a business location. SKELETON's decision to locate its state-of-the-art super factory here emphasises the attractiveness of the region for innovative companies in the high-tech sector. We look forward to working with SKELETON Technologies and our partners to further drive the economic success and positive development of the region.

The IRL team wishes SKELETON every success with the start of production in Markranstädt!