Invest Region Leipzig GmbH


Steven Ponndorf, Standortleiter

"The support we received from Invest Region Leipzig GmbH, because we were not present in Leipzig at the time and had little regional knowledge apart from visits to the city, helped us a lot. It was a very good cooperation ..."

In addition to the headquarters in Augsburg and the branch in Ingolstadt, there has now also been a XITASO location in Leipzig since mid-2021. Münster, Madrid and Krumbach (Swabia) will be added in 2022. The broad-based company for high-end software engineering realizes individual software solutions in the B2B sector.

XITASO can now look back on more than 10 years of company history. Since its foundation in Augsburg in 2011, it has grown to more than 160 colleagues. The first employee at the newly opened location in Leipzig was Product Owner Steven Ponndorf in September 2021. For the transition and arrival in the region, they first moved into premises in the flexible workspaces of the Design Offices. There are now six XITASOnians in Leipzig.

"We like highly complex environments and are very strong in interface expertise. That is our USP. We are perfect for very complex challenges, for example when customers already have an established infrastructure that needs to be integrated with new components," says site manager Steven Ponndorf, describing the company's services.

There is no specific industry focus. Historically, there has been a strong focus on mechanical engineering, robotics and healthcare, but the company does not want to commit itself, although it is aiming for the high-end technological sector. At the new location, XITASO is gaining customers in shorter to medium distances in and around Leipzig and as far as Jena. "As we realize individual customer projects, proximity, including geographical proximity, is particularly important to us. And Leipzig's location makes it perfect for covering central and eastern Germany," emphasizes Product Owner and Site Manager Steven Ponndorf.

The large companies from the logistics sector that have settled in the immediate vicinity of the business location of the Saxon metropolis are also interesting. The fact that Leipzig is now Germany's second largest cargo airport and one of the top 5 cargo hubs in Europe was one of the reasons why the founder and Managing Director of XITASO, Ulrich Huggenberger, and the other Managing Directors, including his brother Martin Huggenberger, decided to expand to Saxony. Initial talks between the two brothers began in summer 2019 with Invest Region Leipzig GmbH, which actively supports companies with expansion projects in the Leipzig region.

"Alongside Dresden and Chemnitz, Leipzig is the economic center of Saxony. More and more companies are opting for Leipzig, which is creating sustainable growth for the city. Last year, the 600,000 population mark was broken and there is no end in sight. In addition to the location, the city itself with its universities, where potential skilled workers will follow in the medium and long term, and the high quality of life that Leipzig can offer, which really ensures that people want to work here, these were the reasons for choosing the location," says Steven Ponndorf. They were also pleased with the support provided by Invest Region Leipzig GmbH with its range of services.

The Leipzig region's official relocation agency connected XITASO with personnel service providers, recommended appropriate funding from the SAB and organized viewings of potential office properties. "The support we received there, because we were not present in Leipzig at the time and had little regional knowledge apart from visits to the city, helped us a lot. It was a very good cooperation, which was also mirrored by our management, and I can only confirm that," explains Steven Ponndorf. "This collaboration was characterized by a great deal of collegiality to achieve our common goals," he adds.

"At XITASO, we attach great importance to working together as partners, which is one of our greatest assets," adds Johannes Schaffer, Marketing Manager at the company. "The XITASO code is lived by all employees and, if necessary, further developed with the involvement of all XITASOnians. As befits a software development company, we use agile methods to make adjustments when necessary. We have lived Inspect and Adapt since day one, in all areas. That is also one of the reasons why we are so successful," he explains. Steven Ponndorf adds: "As a relative newcomer to XITASO, I have observed from the very beginning that there is a team-based and largely hierarchy-free collaboration that is incredibly pleasant. When selecting future employees, we also attach great importance to ensuring that they fit in with us. Our extremely low fluctuation rate shows that this works well. I have 28 years of professional experience, including at various software companies, and that was new to me." The plan is to have 35-50 employees in Leipzig by 2025. Ponndorf estimates that the target will be reached even sooner, because "XITASO has damn good arguments for applicants." The site is looking for software developers, senior researchers and agile coaches, as well as working students. The company is always interested in long-term collaboration with students.

The topic of research and cooperation with the relevant university educational institutions is an important component for XITASO. In Leipzig, the company has already presented itself at the university and the HTWK. By participating in the Deutschlandstipendium, the program for talented students, there is now also a sponsored student in Leipzig. XITASO is also happy to supervise final theses.

In March 2022, the Leipzig XITASOnians will move into the former premises of RB Leipzig, in the prestigious Schrödterhaus in the city center. From here, we will continue to work towards our common goal of intensive networking in the regional economy in order to be perceived even more strongly as a competent partner with special technical expertise in high-end software engineering.