High quality of life and first-class education

A place to stay.

The New York Times calls Leipzig ‘Cool kid town’. The latest edition of Lonely Planet names Leipzig ‘Cooler than Berlin and more hip than Munich’, highlighting Leipzig as a top destination. The attraction doesn’t just go for tourists. Leipzig’s location, 24/7 Cargo airport and supply chain infrastructure make it a magnet for businesses across the IT, E-Commerce, Bio-Tech, Energy and E-Mobility sectors. The city of Leipzig itself has been called one of ‘The Best Cities In Germany For Expats‘. Furthermore, Leipzig’s attraction extends to the growing student population providing a steady stream of candidates for growing businesses. At 42.8, the average age in Leipzig is lower than in other major German cities.


Leipzig and the surrounding area are currently attracting many people to find suitable work and build a life here. As the fastest growing city in Germany, this lively popularity is no coincidence. As the local economy continues to prosper economically, it makes good sense to settle in one of the most liveable places in Germany. The combination of charming old industrial architecture and lush local recreation areas of the Leipziger Neuseenland or the Saxony Heide and Burgenland is a part of the Leipzig Region’s broad attraction. In addition, there is a diverse cultural landscape with far-reaching roots, an arts and creative industry that is unparalleled anywhere in Germany. Add to this the internationally successful bundesliga football team RB Leipzig and a vibrant night life and you have the perfect recipe for a city you will want to call home. The region is famed for its cosmopolitan and friendly nature, making Greater Leipzig a great place to live. Leipzig has been an important trade city since at least the 12th century. Indeed, internationality and open-mindedness are part of the city’s genes. Over 10% of the population have an international background and there are over 1,200 Brits and 1,500 Americans in Leipzig. This openness ensures that professionals and people of different ethnicities, ages, and educational backgrounds all want to settle in the Leipzig Region.


The fountain of youth for the region

With over 600 historic years as a university location, excellent education has long been a defining feature of life in the Leipzig Region. Eleven universities – including excellent training and research institutions such as the University of Leipzig, HTWK and HHL, Europe’s leading business school – as well as a diverse selection of technical and vocational schools, attract thousands of young people from Germany and all over the world to the region every year, providing a constant fountain of youth. This high density of excellent educational institutions also ensures a continuous supply of highly qualified young professionals in the numerous local industries, IT, life sciences, engineering, arts and media. Furthermore, due to its role as the economic centre of Central Germany, the location also attracts numerous additional young professionals from other renowned Central German universities such as the TU Dresden, the Bergakademie Freiberg, the TU Chemnitz, the Bauhaus University Weimar and even further afield. These highly educated young people nevertheless form the engine and the basis for one of the strongest growing start-up scenes in Germany.