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Why Leipzig should be high on business investor’s lists

The Leipzig region in Germany is a location filled with business opportunities. The region has a range of fast-growing industries, including IT, the creative industries, logistics, the automotive industry, biotechnology and health care, and energy and environmental technologies making it ideal for any business investor looking to expand into the German or European market.

International trade hub

Companies have outstanding connections to national and European transport networks, making it easy to travel for work or deliver products through our high-tech logistics network.

Leipzig’s role as a multimodal transport hub, with strong air, road and rail connections, makes it ideal for rapid European deliveries. Due to its distinctive central German position and close proximity to Berlin and much of eastern Europe, Leipzig is a particularly desirable location for businesses.

Regional growth

Leipzig is currently the fastest-growing city in Germany, with 24% population growth between 2005 and 2020, and is also the most populous city in the state of Saxony.

Leipzig also regularly features in the HWWI/Berenberg city ranking’s top cities, which measures economic performance, prospects, and socio-economic factors like education and accessibility. The region is currently experiencing a significant growth phase, with around 25% of the population aged under 25, so, there is youthful energy in Leipzig.

The thriving economic region of Leipzig has a clear competitive edge over other top places in Germany and Europe: it’s still growing. The city is still far from being at its peak potential. Leipzig, a planned metropolis of more than a million residents, yet has plenty of development land available in the region’s centre in highly desirable places. Large-scale brownfield sites on former industrial locations are also accessible for revitalization and new land development. These include enormous areas at the Eutritzscher Freiladebahnhof and Bayerischer Bahnhof, where the city is developing entirely new neighbourhoods, as well as lovely Wilhelminian industry complexes in the Graphisches Viertel or Plagwitz. The supply of space in the wide areas on the periphery of the city and the two regional districts North Saxony and Leipzig with more building land to offer.

Development Space

Overall, the Leipzig region offers perfect business location conditions with a wealth of attractive sites of all shapes and sizes for your business to settle and grow. Whether for offices, laboratories, industry or logistics, in existing buildings or on greenfield sites, Leipzig has a range of sites that will meet your requirements.

High education standard

The high level of skill and education in the area is another factor driving enterprises to Leipzig. Founded in 1409, Leipzig University is one of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious universities. It now has 460 professorships and 14 faculties. Ten other colleges and universities, three Max Planck Institutes, and two Fraunhofer Institutes are located in the area. Around 28% of those in employment in Leipzig have a degree, and the city takes pride in the calibre of its research.

Get help to invest in business in the Leipzig region

Invest Region Leipzig has supported firms to settle in the region since its founding in 2013. The free service assists businesses in locating financial incentives, such as grants provided by the Free State of Saxony and can also direct enterprises to banks and other financing specialists. Invest Region Leipzig also has long-standing relationships with both local real estate agents and the regional offices for economic development.

Invest Region Leipzig can assist companies in any industry discover the most appropriate locations for their operations. Additionally, by establishing connections between companies and nearby institutions and recruitment agencies, it aids firms in hiring highly qualified personnel.