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Close Economic Relations between Leipzig and Vietnam

Friendly relations between Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in Vietnam and the City of Leipzig date back to the early 1960s. Today, particularly the economic relations between the cities and countries are on the rise and offer opportunities to Vietnamese companies and those from the Leipzig Region alike.

More than 70,000 Vietnamese people completed their education, studied, or worked in Eastern Germany in the second half of the 20th century. While many of them have returned to their home country, close ties still exist today with German companies, scientific and cultural institutions. In 2021, Leipzig’s long-standing connection with Vietnam was consolidated in the official twinning agreement with HCMC.

Thanks to high foreign investment, rising export surpluses and a population that is increasingly willing to spend, Vietnam is the growth leader among the emerging Asian countries. Economic analysts assess Vietnam’s economic situation as positive and stable in the medium term.

Invest Region Leipzig is building on the historical ties and positive current developments. Since 2019, IRL manages the Leipzig Office for the City of Leipzig in “Deutsches Haus” in HCMC. Supported by their Vietnam representative in HCMC, IRL can thus offer on-site support to Vietnamese companies with interest in the German market, as well as direct access to the Vietnamese market for companies from the Leipzig Region.

Germany as promising market for aspiring Vietnamese start-ups

Most recently, in April 2023, the IRL-representative welcomed a Vietnamese IT company in the Leipzig Office in HCMC. The company is an emerging start-up offering IT solutions. The aim of the visit was to discuss the planned expansion of the company to Germany.

The company was founded at the beginning of 2023. Recognising the high demand for IT products in Germany as well as in the EU, the CEO and other founders decided to set up the company and focus on the German market. The IT company already had some successful collaborations with German SMEs and now wants to expand its presence in Germany.

The Vietnam representative of IRL presented the free-of-charge services of IRL and gave an introduction of the Leipzig Region. The IT sector is one of the region’s key industries. Opening such a business in Leipzig can be seen as a gateway to the entire German market.

Opportunities for companies from the Leipzig Region in Vietnam

The emerging Vietnamese economy offers opportunities to German companies as well. Therefore, IRL partners with the City of Leipzig and the Leipzig Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK zu Leipzig) to host the “Workshop Market Overview Vietnam” in cooperation with the Delegation of the German Industry and Commerce in Vietnam (AHK Vietnam) on 11 May, 2023, for companies from the Leipzig Region.

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