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We do not only serve you from our Leipzig office, but are also present in selected foreign markets: Great Britain, Poland and Vietnam.

Representing the Leipzig Region abroad

IRL has its own representatives in selected foreign markets: Great Britain, Poland and Vietnam. The representatives approach potential companies and investors on site and support them in expanding to the economic region Leipzig.

At the same time, the representatives focus on maintaining and further expanding the partner network in the markets. IRL also assists companies based in the Leipzig Region in entering international markets. With expertise and local knowledge, we help in the search for suitable business partners abroad, organise and accompany business trips and arrange contacts to relevant networks.

Great Britain

The IRL representative office in Great Britain has been working for the Leipzig Region since 2020. The two representatives cover the economically strong regions of London, North West and West Midlands, including Birmingham.

In order to make the advantages of the economic region Leipzig better known in Great Britain, IRL relies on specific activities in the market, including trade fair visits, the organisation of own events with network partners and direct outreach. IRL works with British companies and investors, advises them on settling in the Leipzig Region and supports the first steps in entering the market. The proactive focus of the representatives is on the areas of IT & Digital Technology, Life Sciences, Energy & Environmental Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics & E-Commerce.


Since 2018, IRL has been active for the economic region Leipzig with a representative in Poland. The neighbouring country is now in fifth place in the ranking of Germany's largest foreign trade partners.

Within the framework of direct outreach and location marketing, IRL focuses primarily on companies interested in expansion in the IT & Digital Technology, Manufacturing and Energy & Environmental Technology sectors. At the same time, we aim to maintain and expand the Polish network and gain multipliers from politics, business and science.


The City of Leipzig has maintained close relations with Vietnam for many years. In the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City, Leipzig's official partner city, IRL has its own office in "Deutsches Haus" since 2020.

In addition to opening up export opportunities for Leipzig's economy, IRL also advises Vietnamese companies and investors on plans to enter the German market and focuses on helping them settle in Leipzig. At the same time, we actively work to recruit Vietnamese skilled workers for companies and organisations in Leipzig, for example in the health care, nursing or information and communication sectors.

Julia Binder
Project Lead International Markets
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