Specialists’ recruitment service for investors

Invest Region Leipzig GmbH can help you recruit top executives for your business relocation or start-up. In addition to an excellent living environment and numerous available jobs, the region offers the best professional prospects and further training opportunities for qualified specialists.

We actively help you find and recruit
the best skilled workers in the Leipzig Region

Are you looking for suitable specialist workers? Let us know the requirements for your specialists and, together with local employment agencies, we will check the availability of your required workforce. Furthermore, we can arrange anonymous candidate profiles and give you clear guidance on salary levels and expected recruitment times. In cooperation with local educational institutions, we put together programmes for the qualification of your specialist personnel, which the employment agencies support. In cooperation with local employment agencies and educational institutions, we help arrange initial training for your future employees. You can shape the training according to the requirements of your business.

Recruitment services to help your business succeed in Leipzig

We analyse the Leipzig Region’s job market

Together with our HR partners, we analyse the labour market in the Leipzig Region, specifically tailored to your expansion project.

  • Analysis of the availability of skilled workers and search periods
  • Regional peculiarities in recruiting skilled workers
  • Information on subsidies on the labour market
  • Leipzig labour market facts (e.g. remuneration) in the Leipzig Region
We organise consultations and interviews

Invest Region Leipzig organises individual consultations for you with the relevant employment agencies’ contacts, including online or telephone briefings. We can arrange consultations in English upon request. Furthermore, in cooperation with the regional employment agencies, Invest Region Leipzig compiles current labour market assessments and individual statistics on the skilled labour situation. In collaboration with regional network partners, Invest Region Leipzig also provides information on financial support options for your future employees. We are also happy to support you in preparing job interviews for recruitment of skilled workers. For example, we can recommend suitable premises or make rooms available at Invest Region Leipzig’s premises.

We organise events for future professionals

Invest Region Leipzig organises joint events with the regional universities. Target groups include, for example, students and graduates with the desire for an internship, working students or entry-level positions, and alumni (graduates with work experience) with interest in specialist and management careers. Invest Region Leipzig offers various event formats with its academic training partners to enter into a reciprocal exchange. The aim is to get in contact with suitable specialists in a relaxed atmosphere.

We open the door to the Leipzig Region

Invest Region Leipzig has contacts with network partners in the Leipzig Region.These include, for example, private personnel consultants and recruiters or contacts to local personnel managers from various industries.

We will establish connections for you, with industry experts, companies, workers and anything else you need to relocate or start your business in the Leipzig Region.

We can provide you with:

  • Overview of partners and services in regional public transport
  • Contact with people from the field of education, school, daycare, etc.
  • Information on living in the Leipzig region
  • Overview of cultural and leisure activities
  • Current information on other focal points – living & working in the Leipzig region

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Melanie Böhm
Manager Talent Services
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