Leipzig is currently the fastest growing city in Germany

As one of the most attractive economic and metropolitan areas in Europe, the trimodal infrastructure, innovative sectors with diverse clusters, a broad research landscape as well as excellently educated graduates from renowned universities create optimal conditions for sustainable growth prospects.

Region of talent with room to grow

The booming economic region of Leipzig has a decisive competitive advantage over other European locations: it still has room to grow. Companies of all kinds find available spaces and premises for competitve prices - often further supported by attractive investments grants.

In addition, qualified talent across all industries is available to support the growing economic landscape. Fourteen universities and institutions of higher education – including excellent training and research institutions such as the University of Leipzig, HTWK or the leading European business school HHL, as well as a large number of diverse technical and vocational schools, ensure a continuous supply of highly qualified young professionals for numerous local industries.

population growth since 2005
students at 14 universities
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investment grants
with more than 10,000 m²

Infrastructure of the Leipzig Region

Strategically located at the intersection of two of Europe’s oldest trade routes, Leipzig has been a centre of trade and industry since Roman times. As a result, the Leipzig Region can look back on centuries of history as an outstanding pan-European centre of commerce and growth. One important reason for this is its unique location in central Germany, at the heart of Europe. Critical long-distance trade routes from northern to southern and eastern to western Europe meet in Leipzig.

On this foundation, an excellent trimodal infrastructure for road, rail and air traffic has developed over time. Due to this unique selling point, the location now functions as a major international transhipment hub. DHL, for example, deliberately operates one of its three global hubs here, its largest worldwide.